Plant Health, Naturally with systemic nutritionals developed by Natural Ag Solutions.

Farmers are always looking for ways to produce a vibrant and abundant crop, utilizing less resources. Natural Ag Solutions has developed a valuable tool for today’s farmer. Our line of systemic nutritionals enables farmers to grow a healthy crop while using less products. Plants can absorb a great deal of nutrients through its foliage when using systemic applications, enabling nutrient uptake through the soil when not available to the crop. This knowledge, coupled with the latest technology developed by Natural Ag Solutions, HyGrow-Wik Technology™, is giving the grower a valuable tool to increase crop yield and quality.

Appropriate nutritional levels are critical for healthy crops

During the growing process, crops have an increased requirement for nutritionals. Nutritionals formulated using HyGrow-Wik Technology™ allow the grower to apply the right nutrients, at the right time, and at the right rate to target specific growth stages, thus maximizing crop yields and quality.

Prevention is the most efficient and easiest way to cure a problem. Like humans, healthy crops are more productive and less expensive. The most effective way to promote plant health and optimize production is to have a well-balanced nutritional program. Natural Ag Solutions works directly with researchers and growers, to prove the effectiveness of promoting healthier, more productive crops, through sound nutrition and other natural techniques. The company’s goal is to develop and promote products and ideas which support a natural and effective approach to managing plant health and production. Natural Ag Solutions lives up to our slogan, “Plant Health, Naturally”.

What is Cop-R-Quik®?

Better nutrition, healthier plants & less disease

Cop-R-Quik® is formulated using our cutting-edge science, HyGrow-Wik Technology™, which enables a highly systemic composition. As a 12% systemic copper nutritional, it is formulated to quickly and safely correct and prevent copper deficiencies in plants. Cop-R-Quik® is NOT formulated for use as a fungicide or bactericide and should never be represented as such. However, copper IS recognized as an essential component of bal­anced nutrition, enhancing both plant vigor and disease resistance, thus plant health, naturally.

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Complete Care, Naturally

In the day and age of agriculture that we presently reside, two words continue to dominate conversations. More and Less. We must produce “more” of a crop and utilize “less” resources to do it. The only way to accomplish this goal is to be more efficient with the resources we already have available.

Cop-R-Quik® is a great tank mix partner.

CopRQuik® is a great tank mix partner due to the use of our cutting-edge science, HyGrow Wik Technology, along with its ideal pH. Additionally, CopRQuik® has been proven to optimize fungicides when tank mixed. We do not recommend tank mixing CopRQuik® or any metallic nutritional with phosphates or phosphites because they lose efficacy when blended together.

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